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In aquaculture, steady power equals steady turnover. As long as your fish are alive and well, production will keep running and generate income, but a half-hour blackout can be enough to kill your valuable fish stocks and delay production. This is bad news for your finances – and for global food production where aquaculture plays a critical role, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

To safeguard against disruptions, you need a reliable emergency power solution capable of keeping the power on at all times, from smolt stations to feed barges. And intelligent, reliable, and flexible control is at the heart of such a solution.

Keep your fish and your finances healthy

DEIF can help you design a backup power control system that keeps your operation running.

Check out the application examples below to see some of the possibilities you get with DEIF expertise and devices.

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Control any fish farm power source

DEIF devices help you design a control system for any fish farm and any power source. Mains, renewables, gensets, or a hybrid combination? Power management, energy management, or both? Standalone off-grid operation, grid connectivity, ancillary services, or all of the above? With DEIF devices, the choice is yours, and you get everything from asset and plant control to load management and the ability to integrate with third-party systems.

Hybrid emergency power

Backup power has traditionally been provided by diesel generators, but this no longer needs to be the case. With DEIF, you can combine gensets with renewables and batteries in reliable and resilient hybrid solutions that maximise the use of renewable power. You can quickly integrate DEIF generator controllers with PV, battery, and mains controllers and design a solution that gives you high reliability, low carbon emissions – and 24/7 power.

Flexibility and scalability

If your requirements change, you can quickly reconfigure your DEIF controllers to match your evolving needs. They help you scale or change your critical power plant as needed. If you need to add more PV controllers, integrate a battery, or remove a couple of generators, it’s usually a simple matter of simply connecting or disconnecting the controllers. The onboard software is based on our experience from hundreds of critical power applications and does most of the work for you.

01 Jumbotron Bakkafrost Case

Bakkafrost relies on DEIF for critical power control

When blackouts hit the Faroes, fish farms need to be able to keep running and avoid fish death. A DEIF control solution is helping Bakkafrost cope with outages and produce some of the world’s highest quality salmon.

“If we lose power, it’s back in the plant within 23 seconds precisely. We have a good and secure system – one that we can trust,” says Technical Manager Jógvan Hansen.

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