InnoVent gets full control of Enercon E70 and E82s with DEIF retrofit solution

Control solutions for ancillary services

DEIF devices can help you generate additional income from your power plant and contribute to a balanced and stable power grid.

Georgio Labaki-designed microgrid points to the future of grid power in Lebanon

“We’re the DEIF people”: Ward’s Marine Electric caters to a diverse marine market with DEIF devices and support

Sustainability report

We contribute to global sustainable development through our products and solutions, and through our activities as a company. Get more details in our 2022 Sustainability report.

Power efficiency

DEIF is a global supplier of safe and reliable power control solutions for decentralised power generation on land and at sea. DEIF is headquartered in Denmark and operates worldwide.

Hybrid control

Green, reliable hybrid power and microgrid solutions

We make the planet greener by improving global energy efficiency. Our solutions provide mission-critical facilities and businesses all over the world with uninterrupted power and ensure safe operation for the world’s seamen.