Pitch motors and ultracapacitors

When you work on new build or pitch retrofit projects, you may need a vendor able to deliver a complete, end-to-end pitch control solution that includes pitch motors and backup power. We can support you by sourcing these components and integrating them in our design for a complete customised solution that matches your requirements.
We work with selected motor and ultracapacitor manufacturers to define, find, and procure the components needed for turbines and wind farms of any size and in any operating environment. We make sure that the required volumes are delivered as agreed, from prototypes to serial production.
Our long experience in designing pitch control systems helps us select best-in-class components that deliver years of reliable and safe performance on your wind farm.

Permanent magnet pitch motors

Permanent magnet synchronous motors are well suited for pitch applications:

  • Their high peak torque capability allows you to use smaller motor sizes than with other motor types.
  • They are robust and require little maintenance as they have no external fans or additional components.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors are suitable for both kW and MW turbines. Examples of motor specifications include:

  • High-precision resolvers for closed loop control systems and high-accuracy positioning
  • Built-in electromagnetic fail-safe brakes
  • KTY and PT100 sensors for monitoring the motor state
  • Onshore/offshore models and low-temperature models

Ultracapacitor systems

Ultracapacitors are ideal as backup power sources in wind turbines:

  • They are sturdy, compact, and reliable.
  • As no explosive gases evaporate from the ultracapacitors, they can be mounted inside the pitch panel.
  • With an expected lifetime of 10+ years, ultracapacitors are more economical in the long term than batteries due to considerably longer service intervals.
  • Long lifetime and service intervals make them far more environment-friendly than batteries.

Ultracapacitor systems consist of two building blocks: a charger unit and one or more modules capable of supplying a voltage of up to 500VDC/5A in parallel or serial configurations. The DEIF IMD pitch drive has a built-in charger unit and is therefore ideal for compact pitch control solutions.

We can help you specify ultracapacitor systems that offer several operational benefits:

  • Full self-contained condition monitoring
  • Outputs for alarm communication
  • ESD protection and long-term tolerance of mechanical stress
  • RS 485 communication


Contact us for more information on pitch motor and ultracapacitor solutions.

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