Control systems for Mingyang turbines

Improved system performance utilising DEIF’s controllers and wind energy knowhow

Renergy Electric Tianjin ltd (Ren) is a leading manufacturer of complete controls systems for wind turbines, main control and pitch control systems and power converters. 

The Challenge

In the search for a new partner, REN looked for someone capable of supporting their local software engineers in maturing the existing software platform which was tied to one single PLC brand. This is exactly what DEIF offers in terms of wind turbine know-how and in-house production of our dedicated Advanced Wind turbine Controller, the AWC 500. Offering a strong presence in China which includes experienced software engineers alongside extensive support from Denmark, DEIF’s setup was perfect to support and assist Ren’s highly skilled engineering team. 

The Solution 

The software is owned by REN and DEIF supports the migration of the complete software package from a windows-based PLC to the AWC 500 controller platform. 
DEIF has supported REN’s engineers to unbind the software from the existing controller in order to let Ren’s software engineers drive the process and own the software. This has required a close collaboration and understanding of the entire application originally designed back in 2007 and licensed into china. 

One of the challenges was to implement a complete restructuring of the existing software in order to optimise stability and improve CPU utilisation. DEIF’s fully open controller solution and support gives Ren much deeper knowledge about the complete software design and improved performance, maintenance and support. 

With an improved control software and a more robust controller platform specifically designed for harsh environments such as high temperature areas in southern China or the cold and dryness of the inner Mongolian deserts, REN has been able to target the new demand in China for installing wind turbines in rural locations, for instance at high altitudes.

End Customer Case:
Ming Yang High-altitude Wind Park 

REN is a trusted sub-supplier for Ming Yang, one of China’s leading wind turbine manufacturers. In cooperation with REN, DEIF delivered the control system technology, including AWC 500, for installation in high-altitude wind turbines erected at approximately 3,000 meters by Ming Yang. DEIF’s robust control system technology is able to cope with high-altitude and extreme environmental and climate conditions such as very low temperature and air density.

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