About DEIF Wind Power

DEIF Wind Power Technology is an independent business area of DEIF A/S, which was established in Denmark in 1933 and is a global supplier of green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralized power production, marine/offshore and wind turbines. 

DEIF Wind Power Technology is a globally represented with subsidiaries and distributors in Europe and Asia. Headquarters is situated in Skive, Denmark. Our head quarter placed in the centeral hub of wind turbines is the key to our solid and long experience in the market.

We are suppliers of robust turbine components, innovative solutions and technology for turbine power performance:

Robust turbine components

We offer second to none robust and dedicated key components for wind turbine control. We develop robust turbine components that can rise the challenge in all environmental conditions such as temperature range, storm and lightning, vibrations and shock. Therefore, our products are built to have the longest life time. Our main products are key components for electrical pitch hereunder a unique motor drive besides an off-shore standard main controller for the turbine. 

We guarantee maximum safety of turbine operation with our components that comply with the newest safety regulations. Our wind power technology is reliable and is developed and tested to secure optimal turbine performance and availability in all environmental conditions. 

Wind power technology

We master wind turbine technology in all sizes and types of turbines. We are a technology provider with deep knowhow and experience within wind turbine operation, modeling of wind turbines, control strategy, grid compliance, pitch systems and park power management on wind parks with up to several hundred MW.

Wind turbine solutions

We are suppliers of wind turbine solutions such as 

Pitch control, turbine control or retrofit?

DEIF Wind Power Technology develops and installs innovative green solutions for pitch control, turbine control and retrofit. Overall to secure and increase turbine performance. Choose DEIF's wind power solutions to reduce your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase your green electricity production.