Make the most of your V80 assets

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In this webinar, you will discover how our retrofit control solutions help you make the most of your V80 assets by improving wind turbine/wind park performance, achieving full control of your assets, gaining full data transparency, and becoming independent of the OEM so you can plan service and maintenance independently.

In addition to the financial and technical aspects of our control solutions, the webinar will give you an introduction to the business models that we offer, such as performance guarantees, leasing models, and profit sharing. You will also get the opportunity for open dialogue with our presenters, DEIF wind turbine experts Jean S. Felber and Brian N. Brandt.


  • Introduction to the presenters
  • Introduction to DEIF control solutions for wind turbines
  • How DEIF can help you improve the financial performance of your wind turbines
  • How DEIF can help you become independent of OEMs for service, data, etc.
  • Open dialogue with DEIF wind turbine experts
  • How to reach out to DEIF

Start unleashing the full potential of your V80 assets

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