DEIF India Webinar - Hybrid Solution for Marine Application

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About the webinar

Hybrid drive is a rising technology, and for good reasons: By including a battery-based energy storage system (ESS) in your hybrid power plant, you can combine reliability with sustainability, compensate for load fluctuations, and much more. Fortunately, you can easily reap the benefits of hybrid power and a battery-based ESS: If you’re already running a power management system based on the DEIF PPM 300 series of controllers, you can integrate an ESS using our PPM 300 Hybrid controller. Join our free webinar on 10th March for a presentation of the tools offered by the PPM 300 Hybrid, the benefits they provide, and the advantages of hybrid power in general. Hosted by Marine Solution Manager Mr. Shubham Waghmare from DEIF, the webinar gives you an overview of the benefits of hybrid power and discusses subjects such as energy storage operation modes, PMS/EMS modes, and battery/busbar system variants.

The Agenda for the webinar:

Introduction to Hybrid Technology and trends from marine industry
DEIF Solution for Hybrid application
Ready to harness the power of hybrid

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