Streamline power transfer with DEIF's AGC 150 ATS controller

Ideal for emergency power applications with any power source, the AGC 150 ATS is a robust, flexible, and user-friendly ATS controller that can operate up to three breakers.

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The AGC 150 ATS is a dedicated automatic transfer switch (ATS) controller capable of handling any type of power source. Its flexible setup options let you use it in a wide range of emergency power solutions by controlling up to three breakers. The IP65 certified front-mounted controller is easy to install, set up, and use.

Any power source in Source-Source mode

In addition to Generator-Mains mode (operating the ATS to switch between a mains incomer and a genset), the AGC 150 ATS can operate in Source-Source mode, accepting any kind of power source (for example two mains incomers, or a combination of mains or a genset with a battery energy storage system or a renewable power source). The controller can send start and stop signals to both sources.

Many operating options

The AGC 150 ATS uses automatic mains failure (AMF) logic and control signals defined by the controller’s input/output settings to operate the ATS. For example, it can monitor a mains source for voltage, frequency, and voltage anomalies, switching to the secondary source in case of issues (after sending a start signal and checking that the voltage from the secondary source is within the defined limits, if needed).

Flexible blackout prevention options

Designed for flexibility and efficient blackout prevention, the AGC 150 ATS includes an Overlap feature that prevents blackouts during source switching by keeping the breakers of both sources closed for a user-defined period and enabling short-time paralleling. You can prioritise sources using parameters or digital inputs, offline or online, and you can prioritise one of the connected sources, let the controller prioritise a source randomly, or prioritise both in a three-breaker setup.

Two or three breakers supported

The AGC 150 ATS can control two or three breakers, allowing you to open and close a bus tie breaker between the two power sources if needed. The controller can therefore be configured for use in virtually any ATS application, anywhere in the world, including the use of two sources simultaneously.

Easy setup and operation

You can easily configure the AGC 150 ATS for your application by adjusting its built-in parameters or by using the M-Logic feature in DEIF’s free USW-3 utility software. The sunlight readable LCD provides easy setup and quick access to important information. On-screen text can be displayed in 8 languages, and the illuminated buttons smoothly guide the operator and make the controller very easy and intuitive to operate.


Other AGC 150 variants

The AGC 150 ATS is part of DEIF’s AGC 150 series of controllers that is designed for OEMs and system designers and provides flexible solutions for a wide range of power and engine control applications. The series also includes the following:

The AGC 150 Generator contains all necessary functions for control and protection of a genset.

The AGC 150 Mains can synchronise one or two breakers (mains breaker and tie breaker) plus protect and monitor the utility.

The AGC 150 BTB can synchronise one breaker, protect and monitor the busbar. In total, DEIF’s power management system can handle eight bus tie breakers.

The AGC 150 Stand alone controls non-synchronising applications with all the necessary functions for genset protection. It stands out for its reliability and operator-friendliness.

The AGC 150 Hybrid comes with all the necessary functions for protection and control of a hybrid installation with PV and genset.

The AGC 150 Engine Drive provides engine protection and controls engine start and stop sequences, including fixed- and variable speed functions for pump applications.

The AGC 150 Remote Display provides access and control of any master controller in the AGC 150 series over the local network. This provides fast incident response and operational convenience.

The AGC 150 PMS Lite controller is ideal for setting up and operating simple power management systems in off-grid plants with up to 128 gensets.


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