A modular solution to deliver robost, no-break power a onsite construction sites now exists, and the DEIF iE 250 at it's core

For organizations with onsite power needs that call for unparalleled energy solutions for reliable and consistent flow, there is finally an all-in-one hybrid solution available. And the DEIF iE 250 controller is at it's center.

Called the P-Grid, the versatile power unit manufactured by e-power, solves the battery-generator synchronization problem with technical ingenuity, reducing the need for myriad controllers by condensing down to two DEIF controllers that act as the unit’s central brain, while the SCG 420 controls the onboard genset. Because of its sophistication and versatility, the P-Grid can also accept power grid (utility), external genset and solar connections along with its built-in generator.

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“The thing to know about this unit is its simplicity,” says Joe Gavin, Group CCO of e-power. “You've one DEIF controller, the iE 250, controlling this full unit, so the customer comes along, and they can turn the unit on -- and that's it. It's plug and play in a sense. You don't have to worry about it at nighttime, you don't have to turn it on and you don't have to turn it off. You turn it on day one when it arrives on site.”

Designed to meet diverse onsite energy needs by being both modular and mobile, the P-Grid and the onboard DEIF controller manages the power peaks, which reduces fuel consumption. One real world example of how much fuel savings can be experienced with the P-Grid unit comes from a recent project in Scotland, which saw reduced fuel consumption of 90 percent, Joe says.

“Normal generators, under 200 kVA, use anywhere from 20 to 40 liters of fuel an hour. This unit doesn't do that because it doesn't need to run full-time, and it's a 40 kVA Tier IV final generator using about 6 liters an hour. With a unit like this, based on an eight-hour day, it will run for maybe one and a half, maybe two hours,” Joe says.

A P-Grid was recently installed at the US Headquarters of WOLFFKRAN, a crane company located near Houston, Texas, where it provides power to the onsite crane structure, simulating a typical construction site. “The P-Grid differs from traditional power solutions on construction sites and is very different than what we see in the market,” Joe says. “This unit manages peak shaving, so when there's troughs and dips, this unit comes into its element. The way this unit works is that it doesn't stay running the whole time like a generator. The energy is stored in the battery unit with the inverters, and when it needs a bit of extra ‘oomph,’ the generator will kick in and help it out.”

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The optimization of inverters, batteries and generators into a single, modular and mobile unit was no easy task, and it proved to be a challenging prospect for e-power. “The components all have to talk to each other,” Joe says. “So there is the challenge in itself. We worked with DEIF, and they had a controller that could bring all these units together. We managed it, and over time we improved it, and we’ll keep on improving it. It is important to know that e-Power is one of the first companies worldwide that was able to do this.”

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David Stringer, sales director for key accounts and energy technology at DEIF, inc., indicates that simplicity of the unit was further emphasized when the power platform of the P-Grid was reduced from five controllers down to just two DEIF controllers, with one serving as the central brain. “That maximizes the efficiency of the components within and allows the battery to run at its most efficient level and having the genset charged to a predetermined level.”

The modular nature of the P-Grid allows for quick start-up operations. “The operator that drops off this modular unit, once it’s all plugged in, simply hits the ‘go’ button on the DEIF controller,” David explains. “The DEIF controllers in this machine optimize efficiency without compromising reliability.”

Joe says that DEIF was the ultimate difference in their development journey. “DEIF, like many of our partners, have been there all the way with us. They are always at the end of the phone line, you can send them an email, they respond and have been very good. They have really helped us in this journey. It is great to see companies collaborating like that, and it’s not always done. But with DEIF, it has been done. And they’ve always been there.”

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