Energy storage

Due to new requirements from the IMO regarding sulphur content in fuel, vessel owners will typically need to substitute their HFO with alternative fuels, e.g. marine diesel. One consequence of this is that the operating costs for the vessel will increase. Adding a system like Blueflow will help you reduce your energy consumption and consequently your operating costs.

In addition to this, there is an increasing interest in adding a battery storage system. This is mainly driven by the increasing demands on emissions, but operators can also achieve increased safety and maintenance and fuel savings.

Gensets running continuously at their optimal duty point will give vessel owners fuel savings due to the increased efficiency and reduce maintenance because turbochargers, pistons etc. are not filled with soot.

When running gensets at their optimal duty point, they will in most cases produce more energy than the vessel consumes. This additional energy can be stored on a battery pack for later utilisation. The stored energy can be utilised for e.g. temporary peak loads where you would normally start an additional genset. It can also be used for running on pure electrical power. The possibilities are many.   

For this purpose, we have developed the controller.

For more information, please contact our standard product management team if you are interested in creating your own solution, or our solutions department if you would like DEIF to create the solution for you.

Products required

PPU 300 controller(s)
DU 300

Optional products

Power supply (supplies)
Analogue meter(s)
AGI 400
Inverters (references)
Battery package (references)