PPU 300 Standard controller

Customisable controller for generators, bus tie breakers, and shore connections

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PPU 300 Display Front
PPU 300 Rack Front
PPU 300 Rack Front2
PPU 300 Rack Side
PPU 300 Rack Side2
PPU 300 Display Front
PPU 300 Rack Front
PPU 300 Rack Front2
PPU 300 Rack Side
PPU 300 Rack Side2

The PPU 300 Standard controller is a highly configurable controller that can be customised to many different applications. It contains the functions required to protect and control a diesel generator, shaft generator, shore connection, or bus tie breaker, and their associated breakers.

You can reconfigure the onboard software for all of these applications, for example to change a genset controller to a shore connection controller, using the PICUS software utility. This makes the PPU 300 Standard controller a very flexible building block in your power system.

If you need extended controller functionality, you can order the PPU 300 Standard controller with a CODESYS PLC environment. For more information, see the PLC 300 CODESYS page.

Part of the versatile PPU 300 range

The PPU 300 Standard controller is part of the DEIF PPU 300 range of intelligent and versatile controllers with built-in load sharing and synchronisation features. It can be used for a wide range of marine and offshore applications with an extensive range of protection, supervision, and control functions, including market-leading fuel optimisation technology. The PPU 300 can be used in a power management solution where the power management logic is located elsewhere, and it handles busbar sections with ease. For general information about the PPU 300 range, see the PPU 300 main page.

Highly customisable architecture

All PPU 300 variants can be specified with 4 or 7 I/O module slots. The modules provide voltage and current measurement, I/O, engine control, governor and AVR functions, and communication. Three modules are mandatory, but you can use the remaining 1 or 4 slots to customise the controller by adding modules or leave them empty. In addition, you can add up to 9 expansion racks to a single PPU 300 to get up to 58 free module slots (up to 4 in the base rack and up to 6 in each expansion rack).

Unique ANSI 87G differential protection

With the optional ACM3.2 module, you can add ANSI 87G differential protection for generators. The module measures phase currents on the consumer and neutral sides of a generator in order to detect phase-to-phase faults or phase-to-earth faults in earthed generator systems. With this unique feature, you can design reliable and safe power systems without external differential protection devices.

For a full list of modules, see the Modules tab.

Recommended I/O modules

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

Slot 4

Slot 5

Slot 6

Slot 7



Blind module

Blind module

Blind module

Blind module


The table shows a 7-slot rack, but the controller is also available with a 4-slot rack. Modules PSM3.1, ACM3.1, and PCM3.1 are mandatory. If you add expansion module racks, each expansion rack must contain a PSM3.2 power supply module but does not need to contain other modules.

Other PPU 300 variants

Standard controller with CODESYS

Hybrid (battery) controller

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