iE 350 Marine

Highly flexible and cybersecure intelligent energy controller for advanced maritime applications

The iE 350 Marine helps you expand the horizons of advanced maritime energy control with highly flexible modularity, great processing power, new standards in user friendliness – and IACS UR E27 compliant cybersecurity, certificate pending.

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Ie 350 Front
Ie 350 Left
Ie 350 Ml 300
Ie350 Modules V1
Ie 350 Front
Ie 350 Left
Ie 350 Ml 300
Ie350 Modules V1

With the iE 350 Marine, you get the cybersecurity, flexibility, and power to develop control solutions for advanced maritime applications on ocean-going ships and specialised vessels. It is ideal for complex and specialised operating scenarios like dynamic positioning and includes features like advanced blackout prevention.

IACS UR E27 compliant cybersecurity

Reduce the risk of cyberthreats to crews, cargoes, and ships, and avoid disruptions, delays, and costly ransom demands: The iE 350 Marine is conforms to IACS UR E27 and thus helps you comply with the revised E26 unified requirement from the IACS which applies to a wide range of newbuilt vessels from 1 July 2024.

Highly customisable architecture

The modular architecture of the iE 350 Marine means you can easily customise it to your exact requirements. Simply select the modules  you need for measurement, I/O, control, and other functions. You can add expansion racks with more modules, you can replace modules in the field if your requirements change, and you can customise the user interface to show exactly what crews need.

Same security, same power, simpler applications?
Check out the iE 250 Marine!

New standards in user friendliness

The intuitive user interface sets new standards in easy control. Crews get a quick overview from the configurable dashboards on the 7” colour touch display, and from a distance via the multi-colour indicator LED. You can operate the iE 350 Marine using physical buttons, touch screen, navigation keys, and soft buttons or all of them combined.

Power to design future-proof solutions

With the iE 350 Marine, you get the horsepower to design and operate any control application. Its powerful processor easily handles complex control applications, and you can customise the iE 350 Marine to adapt your own applications with CustomLogic™ and a CODESYS add-on.

The iE 350 Marine lets you expand the horizons of maritime energy control and design advanced solutions where the only limit is your imagination.

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