PLC codesys

Integrated CODESYS instead of expensive external PLCs!

DEIF’s new standard paralleling & protection and generator protection units now feature integrated, CODESYS as an add-on. While enabling switchboard builders, system integrators and end-users to create customised applications and projects, CODESYS also eliminates the need for external PLCs. In other words, CODESYS is a real cost saver! 

CODESYS cuts your costs and ups your flexibility

Eliminating the need for external and expensive external PLCs, the integrated CODESYS add-on lets you do your programming directly in the controller unit. Being fully CANopen and CANraw compatible, it also makes retrofitting of older installations much easier as it allows for integration into any existing application. Once done, you’ll be happy to note that testing the installed DEIF control unit also means testing your entire system. 

Get started with CODESYS today

What is CODESYS?

  • CODESYS (short for COntroller DEvelopment SYStem)is a development environment for programming controller applications according to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3. Developed by the German 3S-Smart Software Solutions company is was first launched in 1994. CODESYS licenses are free of charge and can be installed legally without copy protection on an unlimited number of workstations. The software tool covers different aspects of industrial automation technology with one surface.
  • All five programming languages for application programming defined in the IEC 61131-3 are available in CODESYS:
    • IL (instruction list) - assembler like programming language
    • ST (structured text) - similar to programming in Pascal or C
    • LD (ladder diagram) - enables the programmer to virtually combine relay contacts and coils
    • FBD (function block diagram) - enables the user to rapidly programme both Boolean and analogue expressions
    • SFC (sequential function chart) - convenient for programming sequential processes and flows