State-of-the-art controller being built in state-of-the-art factory

DEIF’s long-awaited iE 250 intelligent energy controller is now being manufactured at the company’s new onsite electronics factory.

Skive, 27 February 2024


On 4 January 2024, DEIF officially inaugurated a new state-of-the-art electronics factory at its Danish headquarters. It was a significant milestone for DEIF, and what better way to get the new facility rolling than by commencing series production of the milestone iE 250 intelligent energy controller?

“It’s fantastic that we’re finally manufacturing the iE 250,” says Product Manager René Poulsen of DEIF. “It will really be a game changer for our customers. With the application software and the built-in PLC, they can use the iE 250 to control and interface with anything they want. And we’re also finally getting to use our new onsite electronics factory, so these are exciting times for DEIF in more ways than one.”

Watch the video below to see how the iE 250 is being made.



Supporting the green transition

The new factory ensures efficient, competitive, and scalable production for growth, maintaining control over DEIF’s value chain in Denmark. In addition, it has cutting-edge technology and automation solutions that are both employee-friendly and energy-efficient, supporting the green transition in the energy sector.

“The iE 250 lets users control everything from solar panels to fuel cells, making it a great tool for continuing the green transformation of the energy sector,” says René Poulsen. “And it’s quite fitting that it’s being built at the new factory which conserves resources and saves energy.”

Easy, flexible, and connected

The powerful and flexible iE 250 controller can adapt to any energy source or any other type of asset, and it can connect securely to every device in the user’s system over any distance. Its user interface is as intuitive to use as a smartphone, and existing DEIF customers can easily upgrade to the new control device at their own pace.

Originally revealed at the 2023 Middle East Energy event and now being manufactured in Denmark, the iE 250 intelligent energy controller is available for purchase globally.

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