Illuminated panel indicators

Digital accuracy, analogue or display-based readability

DEIF's range of sturdy illuminated bridge indicators features high accuracy, meeting or exceeding international standards for optimal readability and precision.

Analogue indication: The XL series

Offering digital accurary and analogue readability, the well-proven XL series is based on DEIF's patented microprocessorcontrolled X-coil technology. The range is available for panel, ceiling and bridge wing mounting with a variety of stocked standard designs. Custom designs are available on request. 

Display-based indication: The XDi series 

A game changer in bridge instrumentation, DEIF’s new, patented illuminated indicator display series, XDi, offers highly accurate display-based indication. The compact, easy-to- install, versatile and user-friendly revolution in bridge instrumentation, gives you more flexibility and the ability to configure and make repairs on-site. The XDi series replaces mechanical scales and pointers with high quality displays without compromising DEIF customisation standards and maintaining approvals for all relevant applications. It is available in various sizes with dual- or multi-indicator display libraries.