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The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:

New features:

  • Added support for AGC-4 Mk II
  • Added Customer branding
Ver. Date Description


New features:

  • Added support for AGC-4 Mk II
  • Added Customer branding


Supported on AGC-4 DG and AGC-4 Mains.
Minimum AGC-4 SW required: 4.74.3.
Recommended minimum AGC-4 SW: 4.76.1.


  • Customer branding is added.
  • Fixed the missing alarm texts for EIC alarms.
  • Fixed the screen lock on the Log page, when updating logs from an empty list.



Supported on AGC-4 DG & AGC-4 Mains.
Minimum AGC-4 SW required: 4.74.3.
Recommended minimum AGC-4 SW: 4.76.1.

New features:

  •    Further brandings are added.
  •    AGC-4 as clock master is added.


  •    New entry point for the ECU measurement window is added.


  •    Parameter max. value was not taken into account for text values.
  •    If exactly 9 alarms was present, the last one was not visible.
  •    Possibility to include system information when exporting a TDU.config file is added.
  •    Generator measurements are removed from mains TDU.
  •    Regeneration parameters are added to TDU.
  •    Application supervision now supports mains with ID 1-16 and DG´s with ID 17-32.


Supported on AGC-4 DG & AGC-4 Mains.
AGC-4 SW required: 4.76.1.

New features:

  •    Control panel instruments can now be custom scaled by pressing and holding 3 seconds.
  •    All voltage selections in parameter 9030 are now supported.
  •    Access lock is implemented, when the input are configured.
  •    New screen is added with current measurements shown graphically.
  •    M-Logic command "Inhibit. mode button" is now reflected in TDU.
  •    It is now possible to add a separate password for control panel instruments under "Permissions".
  •    Fuel level is now shown in the top bar, if parameter 10980, 10990 or 11000 is set to "RMI fuel level" via the utility software.
  •    Running hours is now shown in the top bar, if connected to a genset controller.
  •    Parameter shortcut is added on the control page; it can be enabled/disabled under "Display settings".
  •    Power Management ID and priority are added to the control panel, when connected to a genset controller.
  •    Auto Jump to Synchroscope page is added; it can be enabled/disabled under "Display settings".
  •    Import/Export: It is now possible to load a configuration file from an older software version.


  •    20 pages are now available in the instrument panels on the control page.
  •    Lists of instrument measurements have been expanded.
  •    User access level filtering on the parameter page have been removed.
  •    DM1/DM2 texts have been expanded.
  •    When connected to a German AGC-4 with V0108 option, the manual button is removed.


  •    Language management create export has been corrected, when specific German charecters are used in the controller translation.
  •    Visibility of the DM1 top icon has been corrected.


Only supported on AGC-4 DG & AGC-4 Mains.
Minimum AGC-4 SW required: 4.74.3.


  • Corrected: AOP shortcut on control panel page.
  • When changing mode, the confirmation dialogue now always pops up.


Supports AGC-4 DG & AGC-4 Mains controllers.
Minimum AGC-4 SW required: 4.74.3.

New features:

  • Support of AGC-4 mains controller.
  • Import/export of following settings via USB:
            - Meters on homepage
            - Password levels
            - AOP texts
            - All settings under "Display config" 
  • Added "Connection to controller" text on start-up screen.


  •    TDU backlight timeout introduced.
  •    Fixed sporadic communication timeout messages on TDU.
  •    Extended number of status texts on the TDU.


  • Fixed screensaver freeze issue.
  • Corrections to some status texts.
  • Fixed rare initial communication issues.
  • Create new master language function corrected


Only supported on AGC-4 DG.
Minimum AGC-4 SW required: 4.72.0.

New features:

  • Implementation of offline USB update of TDU
  • Added scrolling on supervision page
  • Added hardcoded master password to DM1/DM2 clear button
  • Enhanced user feedback during restart of TDU
  • Added new EasyConnect text: "DG Ready to be added"


  • Improved connection stability between TDU and AGC-4 controller
  • Change scaling of Fuel rate measurement
  • Internal production handling updated.


  • Correct Modbus offset for escape mode timer
  • Improved stability of auto connect feature
  • Added missing password prompt to AOP shortcut on home screen
  • Fixed misplaced buttons in control panel


Supported on AGC-4 DG and AGC-4 Mains.
Minimum AGC-4 SW required: 4.74.3.
Recommended minimum AGC-4 SW: 4.76.1.


  • Extended search for renamed software packages is added. This means that for releases after the TDU software package will include the version number. 


  • Fixed connection problems in firmware ver.
  • Fixed DVC types on the parameter page.
  • Fixed problems with parameter scaling and drop-down elements on the parameter page and in the USW dialogue.


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