Tipo Nombre del producto Enlace
2EQ & 2EVQ Double voltmeter
2FQ Double frequency meter
2FTQ Double frequency meter
117, 118R & 124 Bells
172 & 173 Diaphragm horns
208 & 212 Electrical Sirens
827 Lantern control panels
879 Wind measuring system
AAL-2 Insulation monitor, AC networks
AAL-111Q96 Insulation monitor
ADL-111Q96 Insulation monitor, DC-networks
AEM 380 & 305 Advanced energy meters
AFC plant management Automatic fuel controller
AGC 100 Automatic genset controller
AGC 200 Advanced genset controller
AGC plant management Automatic genset controller
AGC-2 Automatic genset controller
AGC-3 Automatic genset controller
AGC-4 Automatic genset controller
AGI 100 Advanced Graphical Interface
AGI 300 Advanced graphical interface
AGI 400 Advanced graphical interface
AKR 3 Anti knocking regulator
AL8-2 Alarm panel
AOP Additional operator panel
APM 380 & 305 Advanced power meters
APU-4 Advanced protection unit
ASC plant management Automatic sustainable controller
ASC-4 Automatic sustainable controller
ASC-4 Battery Automatic sustainable controller battery
ASR ASK Measuring transformers
AWC 400 AWC 400
AWC 500 Advanced Wind Turbine Controller
B45 DIN rail instrument
BAS-1 Bridge-watch alarm system
BEM Basic energy meter
BEQ Combined ammeter
BGC-2 Basic genset controller
BQ Bimetallic instrument
BRW-1 Bridge Wing Indicator
BRW-2 & BW Bridge wing indicator
CGC 200 Compact genset controller
CGC 400 Compact genset control
CIO 116 CAN bus-based I/O module
CIO 208 CAN bus-based I/O module
CIO 308 CAN bus-based I/O module
CSQ-2 Check Synchronising Relay
CSQ-3 Check synchronising relay
D45 Meters for DIN
DBC-1 Battery charger
DCF-Q96 DC integrator, pulse transmitter
DCP2 (12V, 24V) DC power supply
DGC-1TF & DGC-1TB Load sharing relays
DIM-Q Insulation monitor
DLQ series Illuminated marine bridge Instrument
DLQA series Illuminated 360° azimuth indicators
DLQW series Watertight Marine Instruments With Illumination
DM-3 Multi-function System
DM-4 Gas Delomatic 4 Gas
DM-4 hydro Delomatic 4 hydro
DM-4 land Delomatic 4 land
DM-4 marine Integrated systems
DM-400 gas Integrated systems
DM-400 hydro Integrated systems
DPR Edgewise moving coil
DQ AC/DC current and voltage with 90 ° or 240 ° pointer
DSM Slim edgewise moving coil
DVC 310 Digital voltage controller
E45 Meters for DIN
EC-1 Engine controller
EC-1M Engine controller (marine)
ECU 100 Engine control unit
Emulation Solution Emulation solution
EPN-110DN Electronic potentiometer for DIN
EPOMATIC MS-2 & EC-2 Emergency power automatics
EPQ96 Electronic potentiometers
EPQ96-2 Electronic potentiometer for panel
EQ AC voltage and current with 90 ° pointer
EQ96-sw4 & EQ96-sw7 AC voltage meter with switch
FAS 3N-P & FAS-2N-P Synchronising relays
FAS-2N & FAS-3N & HAS-2N Synchronising relays
FAS-113DG Synchronisation & circuit breaker closing
FAS-115DG Synchronisation & circuit breaker closing
FAS-125D Synchroniser
FQ &FTQ Frequency meter
G59 Protection relay package
GC-1 Generator Controller
GC-1F Genset controller flat
GC-1M Generator controller marine
GCU 100 Genset control unit
GEPIMAX Protection relays for generating sets
GPC-2 Generator Paralleling Controller
GPC-3 Generator paralleling controller
GPC-3 gas Generator paralleling controller
GPC-3 hydro Generator paralleling controller
GPU 300 Generator protection unit
GPU hydro Generator Protection Unit
GPU-2 Generator Protection Unit
GPU-3 Generator protection unit
GPU-3 gas Generator protection unit
GPU-3 hydro Generator protection unit
HAS-111DG Synchronisation & circuit breaker closing
HC 36/24 Running hours counter
HC 48 Running hours counter
HCQ48 Running hours counters
IMD 100 Integrated Motor Drive
Interfaces for AEM & APM Interfaces for AEM & APM
KBU Split core transformer
KSE72-1N Key starter
KSU & SUSK Summation transformer
LAN server LAN server
LMR-1N Mains loss relays
LMR-111D Loss of mains relay
LMR-122D Loss of mains relay
LSQ Single-function synchroscope
LSU-112DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
LSU-113DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
LSU-114DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
LSU-122DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
MDR-1 Multi-differential protection relays
MDR-2 Multi-differential relay
MGC-1 Multi Generator Controllers
MIB Multi-instrument
MIC Multi-instrument
MIC-2 Multi-instrument
MIC-2 MKII Multi-instrument
MIC-2 MKII DIN Multi-instrument
MIQ96 Multi-instrument
MIQ96-2 Multi-instrument
MIQ96-3 Multi-instrument
MPC-1 Multi power controllers
MTR-1 Multi Transducers
MTR-2 Multi Transducers
MTR-3 Multi-transducer
MTR-4 Multi-transducer
NEQ Zero voltage meter
PCM 5 1 PCM 5٠1
PCT Power current transformer
PFQ Power factor meter
PHQ Phase sequence meter
PIR25-1 & PIR25-2 Remote position indicator
PLC Link PLC Link
PPM 300 Protection & power management
PPM-2 PPU Power Management
PPM-3 Protection & power management
PPU 300 Generator protection unit
PPU-2 Generator paralleling and protection unit
PPU-3 Paralleling & protection unit
PTQ Temperature meter
RMB Remote maintenance box
RMC-111D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-121D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-122D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-131D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-132D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-142D Current and short circuit relay
RMF-112D Frequency relay
RMP-111D Power protection relay
RMP-112D Power protection relay
RMP-121D Power protection relay
RMQ-111D & RMQ-121D Loss of excitation relay
RMT-111Q96 Phase sequence meter
RMV-112D Voltage relay
RMV-122D Voltage relay
RMV-132D Voltage relay
RMV-142D Voltage relay
RSQ-2 Read Synchroscope
RSQ-3 Read synchroscope
RT-1 Rudder transmitter
RT-2 Rudder angle transmitter
RTA 602 Rudder transmitter
RTC 300 & RTC 600 Rudde angle transmitter
SASR & SASK Protection transformers
SCT Split core current Transformers
Shunt resistors Shunt resistors
SIM-Q Insulation monitor, AC/DC-networks
TAC-311DG Single-function transducer
TAC-321DG Single-function transducer
TAE-2 Energy meter
TAP-210D & TAA-210DG & TAV-210DG Phase angle transducer
TAS-311DG Selectable transducer
TAS-321DG Selectable transducer
TAS-331DG Selectable transducer
TAV-311DG Single-function transducer
TAV-321DG Single-function transducer
TAX-312DG-1 Dual output power transducer
TDG-210DG Insulation amplifier
TDU 107 TDU 107
TEMAX-3 Temperature transducer
TMF-210DG Mains Frequency Transducers
TRANSAL Unfitness and alarm system
TRI-1 Rudder angle indicator
TRI-2 Panorama rudder indicator
Type MALLING 845 Alarm and monitoring system
Type MALLING 869 Extension alarm system
Type MALLING 869.25 & 869.26 Extension alarm system
UAS-1 Unfitness and alarm system
UCM 90 UCM 90
Unimatic Power management system
USW-3 DEIF utility software
VDQ AC/DC current and voltage with 90 ° or 240 ° pointer
VDQ96-sw AC current meter with switch
VTR-3 Bridge wing indicator
VTR-5 Bridge wing indicator
WAU 100 WAU 100
WQ Power meter
WQR96 MKII, WQ2R96 MKII, WQR96-x MKII & WQR96-c MKII Combined kWh counter and power meter
WQR96, WQ2R96, WQR96-x & WQR96-c kWh meters
WSDI Indicator
WSDI-2 Wind display
WSI Interface box
WSK Primary winding transformer
WSS & WSS-L Wind sensor static
WSS 500 & WSS 550 Wind sensor static
WSS 700 & WSS 750 Wind sensor
XDi Flexible display indicator
XDi-N Navigation
XDi-N wind
XL Illuminated panel indicator