DEIF controller retrofit of Vestas* V39 turbine used in on/off-grid systems

Reference Raymond Baxter, Baxter Waste Solutions Ltd.:

“I appreciate the collaboration with DEIF Wind Power Technology for retrofitting our Vestas* V39, which needed a new turbine control solution with software and application to keep our turbine running at maximum 250kW output power. DEIF Wind Power Technology provided excellent and professional approach from proposal introduction to complete commissioning. We were involved during the entire process and we used local partner to install the DEIF controller retrofit kit and successfully re-commissioned by DEIF engineers. We can safely manage the daily maintenance of the turbine and we got ownership very fast as we felt sure in the handling of the system and needed a minimum support after the training. We feel that we completely understand the logic of the new system with its user-friendly HMI, and we enjoy being able to access our turbine remotely. After the installation of the retrofit system from DEIF Wind Power Technology, we saw an improved uptime from app. 40-50% to near 100% availability. We have compared the production before and after with the similar wind speed - now the turbines are producing 30-40% more Power. We are very satisfied with this achievement. ” Raymond Baxter, Baxter Waste Solutions Ltd.

DEIF controller retrofit of Vestas* V39 turbine used in on/off-grid systems reduced to max 250kW output power

Wind turbine retrofit is becoming increasingly common for turbines running out of warranty, when maintenance agreements become obsolete and are not renewed. Another interesting segment for controller retrofit is second-hand kW-sized turbines that have been decommissioned and moved to a new location for installation. Many of them have to be capable of operating for up to 20 years under the Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC) – this implies mechanical refurbishment and controller upgrade both of which force developers and owners to make necessary improvements before or after commissioning. The target is to ensure lifetime extensions and secure turbine availability through existing or new alternative spare parts with extended warranty. 

In Northern Ireland, many Vestas* turbines have been installed with a higher nominal output power capacity, aiming to utilise the bigger rotor to catch the wind and reduce the output to maximum 250kW output power at lower average wind speeds. Particularly important to highlight, these pitch-regulated systems require a very high level of technical knowhow and experience in implementing new technology that replaces Vestas* components and technology often older than 15 years. Bringing modern multi-megawatt technology into Vestas* kW size turbines is bound to improve overall turbine performance at the reduced 250kW output power. In several cases, it has been a challenge for the existing Cotas controller to keep the control of power within the Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE)-required limits as it is designed to  produce maximum rated power for the specific turbine model. 

Retrofit solution kit for Vestas* turbine upgrade  

DEIF Wind Power Technology has developed a retrofit kit package to cover the Vestas* V27, V29, V39, V44, V47 VRCC and V52 turbines. The package includes controller HW and SW upgrade supporting the above-mentioned demand. The design package for controller replacement contains:

  • Advanced Wind turbine Controller and Thyristor controller for replacement
  • Application and sensor package for upgrading the wind turbine including add-ons to upgrade performance e.g. according to shock and vibration, wind sensor 
  • Review, commissioning and training

This retrofit approach, which includes replacement with new turbine control above standard, ensures optimal performance, lifetime extension, increased availability and is robust enough to last longer than the entire mechanical and commercial system’s remaining lifetime. Components come with a new 5-year warranty. Furthermore, DEIF ensures 20 years of supply warranty on new spare parts.

Knowledge transfer for mastering turbine operation

DEIF Wind Power Technology trains customers through every step of the turbine commissioning process. Using this approach, we hand over all necessary tools and knowhow to manage the daily operation of the new system. This way, customer will require only a minimum of support when taking over the daily operation and maintenance.

*) “Vestas” is a trademark of Vestas Wind Systems A/S. The trademark owner is not associated with our products or services

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