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DEIF Germany

DEIF GmbH is part of the international DEIF Group and an experienced player in the international markets for engine & gen-set controls, marine bridge instrumentation, switchboard instrumentation and renewable energy controls. 

DEIF GmbH is located in the south of Germany. Since 2000, we have managed sales and support on the German market including Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Training of customers and prospects is an integral part of customer service and we have many years of experience in customer training, in the use of products and especially in customer-related applications. 

In addition to courses at our in-house training facilities, we offer on-site trainings at your premises using your own switchboard and engine. Training courses are individually arranged according to your applications and demands of knowledge.

Training centre

We currently arrange training courses using switchboards and simulators for AGC-4, AGC 200, AGC 100, PPU-3, GPC-3 and GPU-3. In addition, we also offer training for our other business areas such as renewable energy, illuminated instruments and switchboard instrumentation.

Training levels


  • Customer type: End-user
  • Description: The end-user will be able to operate and work with the DEIF controllers.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Products: AGC


  • Customer type: Service technicians
  • Description:  The service technicians can install and commission the DEIF units even in complex applications
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Products: AGC


  • Customer type: Designers
  • Description: The designer will know which DEIF product(s) will meet their application requirements and then how to design the DEIF products into their switchboard system.
  • Duration: 1 days
  • Products: AGC

Practical information

DEIF GmbH will provide printed training materials, lunch and light refreshments during all training courses. Our training rates do not include hotel expenses and travel costs.

Our office is located in the south of Germany, a 50 km drive away from the international airport in Frankfurt.

For address details and/or booking, please follow this link: DEIF GmbH