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The AWC 500 processor module is based on PowerPC architecture. Designed for industrial applications, it offers excessive processing power and fast interfaces for Ethernet and backplane (host interface).

The PCM5٠1 is only sold as a spare part for replacement. For new Power and Control Module the PCM5٠1 is replaced by the PCM5٠2.

Check out the PCM5٠2



  • 50 W power supply with redundant inputs and 50 ms power fail protection. Input range: 18…36 V
  • 1 × digital relay output: 24 V, maximum 1 A resistive
  • 1 × digital input 9…36 V
  • 1 × EtherCAT® OUT electrical (100Base-TX)
  • 1 × EtherCAT® OUT optical (100Base-FX)
  • 1 × Ethernet port (100Base-TX)
  • 1 × RS-422 port (9.6…460.8 kbit/s, full duplex)
  • 333 MHz industrial grade 32 bit PowerQUICC II Pro CPU supporting 1 ms control loop 
  • Embedded real-time Linux operating system
  • Redundant OS image with fail-safe remote update possibility. Power fail-safe, self-monitoring and error correcting file system
  • Less than 10 s startup time (from power-on to fully operational OS)
  • CODESYS V3 Control PLC run-time (option)
  • CODESYS V3 Webvisualization (option)
  • Memory:
  • 128 MB DDR2 RAM (industrial grade)
  • Application and data storage, non-volatile:
    128 MB NAND (Industrial grade)
    128 kB FRAM (power loss protected) (industrial grade)
  • Storage, removable:
    SD card: 512 MB, 2, 4, 8, 16 GB (industrial grade)(option)
  • Programming:
    ANSI C or C++
    IEC 61131-3 (IL, SFC, FBD, ST, LD) (option)


Data Sheet
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