DEIF Headquarters in holiday spirit: 10% discount on Delomatic-4 upgrade

At DEIF’s headquarters in Denmark, we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas, and therefore we would like to give all our Delomatic-3 customers a 10% discount on an upgrade to Delomatic-4. 

Over the years, DEIF has installed the Delomatic-3 PMS onboard countless ships, and as ships often are resold several times, it is complicated to keep track of the equipment aboard. However, the popular system reaches end-of-life 31 December 2019. 

To prevent you from inconveniences, we recommend you upgrade to the Delomatic-4 power management system which fits the space in the existing switchboard and requires a minimum of re-wiring. Besides being easy to mount, your current protocol to the alarm- and monitoring system can easily be fitted to match. 

Last but not least, the Delomatic-4 software can be adjusted on-site to the actual situation and class approvals, and documentation is included.

If you order a Delomatic-3 system with a Delomatic-4 system within 31 January 2020, we offer a 10% discount. 

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