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5-7 December 2018

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Stand 1H03 Guangzhou, China


DEIF attends INMEX China, 5-7 december 

Promoting DEIF’s acclaimed power control solutions, we’re looking forward to seeing you at this year’s INMEX China in Guangzhou, 5-7 December 2018. At the show, we’ll reveal how you can improve the power efficiency and reliability of your vessel or offshore platform using DEIF’s innovative and environmentally friendly control technology. So, drop by and check out the next generation of future-proof energy and power management systems, hybrid power control and bridge instrumentation solutions.

Altogether, we call it: POWER EFFICIENCY.

Energy management solution

The energy management package solutions from DEIF ensure user awareness in operation of the vessel and ensure to save fuel and reduce emissions. Our integrated system solution consists of advanced power management, load management, propulsion control solution and engine control. Our energy management solutions generate data reports for fuel consumption, power efficiency, maps and route locations and is “MVR report ready”.

Visualise and control your applications remotely

The AGI 400 is intended for visualisation and active control of multiple applications managed on board maritime vessels or platforms. It provides full graphical overviews and user-friendly touch screen control, even remotely using tablets or smartphones. The ideal match for power management systems, alarm handling and monitoring and ship energy monitoring systems.

Standard or engineered power control for simplified operations

Cutting your costs, increasing your flexibility and simplifying daily operations, DEIF’s new engine and genset control platform – called Multi-line 300 (ML 300) – is a real game changer in the marine and offshore industry. Ideal for generator paralleling and protection for PLC-based systems or power management control solutions. Part of the platform, the PPU 300 Protection & Paralleling Unit has been prepared for CODESYS.

Rudder angle solutions tailored to fit

A frontrunner in marine bridge instrumentation for decades, DEIF offers a full range of rudder angle indication systems covering both 4-20mA current loop system, +/-10V systems, and CAN systems. For instance, you can combine DEIF’s analogue or CAN-based rudder angle transmitters (RTA/RTC) with display-based illuminated indicators (XDi) and create your very own, customised solution. Digitally accurate, you can even calibrate one unit and broadcast automatically to all other units on board!

Wind measuring and alarm solutions built for integration

Simply combine either the high performance WSS 750 wind sensor or the standard WSS 500 series with one or more of the XDi-N wind indicators to form the exact wind measuring system you need.

Developed with system integration in mind, the XDi-N series comes with flexible NMEA interface and two CAN ports, supporting CANopen with the unique XDi-net plug and play layered on top. Using a modular inter-face extension concept, extension modules can be added to indicators.

The solution is also available with a Wind Alarm Unit (WAU100) complying with the requirements from Exxon Mobil for tankers. The system records wind speed and direction and allows the operator to set two wind speed limits for warnings and alarms. 

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you at DEIF’s stand 1H03, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to book a meeting.