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DEIF Wind Power Technology part of GreenLab Skive to test innovative solutions for Europe

DEIF is partner of the project GreenLab Skive - one of Europes leading centres for renewable energy

DEIF Wind Power Technology is proud to be one of the partners in the development project GreenLab Skive. The purpose is to create one of Europe’s leading centres for renewable energy for testing surplus technologies and system integration in a large-scale symbiotic setup. GreenLab Skive is located in Central Denmark.

GreenLab Skive will constitute a business development park consisting of an energy chain, where DEIF Wind Power Technology will be developing and integrating innovative and green technology for the wind farm to be constructed. The project is part of a political agreement for development and growth with the ambition to disseminate innovative technology and solutions for renewable energy for Europe. The project will put Skive as well as DEIF A/S as on the map an attractive workplace.

Innovative wind technology for Europe

DEIF Wind Power Technology develops and integrates green technology for old and new wind turbines. We look forward to contribute to the international development and dissemination of innovative technology for Europe. 

Torben Rønnow, VP Research and Development, DEIF Wind Power Technology, supports the initiative and explains… “The initiative is great opportunity for disseminating innovative technology for the rest of Europe as well as for creating new workplaces”.

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