Marine hybrid

Battery applications

Combining traditional diesel gensets with electric battery power, DEIF’s integrated power control solution has the potential to reduce harmful emissions and wear and tear on your diesel generators. The charge/discharge management functionality of the solution enables for instance ferries to operate purely on batteries while recharging when in port. 

In addition, energy storage in batteries optimises the entire propulsion solution since it provides smoother power for the main engines. Batteries avoid so-called transient engine loads, a major advantage for larger vessels such as cruise ships, which have a constant need for considerable amounts of energy. Batteries provide instant power in contrast to diesel gensets which can take up to half a minute to fire up. In other words, the batteries help prevent blackouts.

Battery solutions 

  • Blackout prevention 
  • Charge/discharge management
  • Pure battery or diesel/battery combined
  • Optimal load on fewer diesel gensets


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