»DEIF provides one of the best training programs I’ve seen.«

Todd M. Howe, Manager, Doosan Portable Power

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Using DEIF’s AGC 200 genset controllers extensively in their rental genset fleet, several Doosan Portable Power employees ranging from Engineering Managers to Technicians have participated in three-day training sessions at DEIF Inc. in Colorado, USA.

Covering everything from genset control basics to advanced parameter settings, the training sessions were a mix of classroom presentations and hands-on time on DEIF’s full-scale simulation equipment. The equipment offers a clean, hazard-free and controlled environment simulating a wide range of fault conditions without risking damage to real plants.

To supplement the successful office training, Doosan Portable Power has decided to also book an onsite training session to ensure that everyone fully masters the sophisticated features of our generator controllers.

Doosan Portable Power

Doosan Portable Power is a market leading company headquartered in Statesville, NC. Backed by a century of expertise in the construction industry, Doosan Portable Power is focused on continual growth and innovation to excel our people and products through the next century. Doosans portable air compressors, generators and light towers are proudly built in the USA.


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